Photography workshop

Sweetlight Collective in Kentucky - Day 2

After just one day at the workshop I felt like my mind was just swimming with new ideas and inspiration, it made me realize how much I love being in a classroom atmosphere, with other artists. I always feel so energized and inspired by them and of course especially from Skye who is an amazing teacher. I wish more than anything that I could attend her workshop in Texas this spring, it looks like it's going to be AMAZING!!!

I was in awe of every perfect detail that Skye had planned out for the workshop. It was as if she had planned the whole thing specifically for me, like she's read my mind! Everything from the exquisite clothing and accessories and the stunning hairstyling (props to Eye Do Beauty on Location) to the ideal location, McGee House, it was all so thoughtfully and perfectly selected. The location was like something out of a movie, we just don't have magnificent old houses like that around here and the interior did not disappoint either, vintage wallpaper, beautiful moldings, vintage furniture, quilts and props everywhere. Then there were the angelic young models, so professional and talented, but also just as sweet and charming as can be, they melted my heart! 

I learned so much from this experience and will forever be grateful to Skye for sharing her talent and wisdom with me. 

Here is my work from Day 2 . . . 

Sweetlight Collective in Kentucky by Work of Heart Photography - Day 1

I had an amazing opportunity to attend a photography workshop put on by Skye Hardwick Edmonds of Work of Heart Photography last September. I have loved and admired Skye's work for years and when I saw that she was planning a workshop in Kentucky and that it was going to have an Anne Of Green Gables theme I knew that I just had to go for it! This experience was the kind of thing I've been dreaming of, and definitely the direction I've been hoping to go in. Working with these amazing models was so much fun, they all were so adorable and talented and just little sweethearts! Here is my work from the first day of the workshop.