Teen Portraiture - Liam

Every year I seem to have lots of opportunity to photograph my girls but not quite as many opportunities to photograph my son, Liam. Girls usually like to have their photos taken and well boys just not so much.

I had a kind of brain storm thinking about a shoot with him this year and as soon as I mentioned to him about wearing his Grandpa’s old bomber jacket he was IN! This particular coat my Dad received for 4 Sask. provincial championships back in 1956, 57, 58 and 59, and he would’ve been around the same age as Liam when they won them.

I’m not sure now if this was a good luck omen of what was yet to come, but just this past weekend, Liam and his hockey teammates clenched the title of Bantam Provincial D Champions in Lashburn.

I guess maybe this year I will have to do the photoshoot with his own special jacket!